10 things to do…

… on a rainy day or when the baby is sick and you can’t leave the house


  1. cuddle, cuddle cuddle
  2. dress up and have a fairy princess tea party
  3. make father’s day cards (though it isn’t until  in 2 weeks)
  4. teach them German or Spanish or madeuplanguage
  5. do paintings. paint their hands and feet and make prints with them
  6. bake bread (soooooo delish!!!)
  7. show them old Disney movies
  8. go for a rain walk and jump into every puddle. SO. MUCH. FUN. (especially for you since you’re the one who has to clean the kids and the clothes. and like everywhere they’ve been after the puddlejumping)
  9. play school with them and let them practice writing and reading
  10. let them have some quiet time in their rooms and just sit on the couch for 2 minutes enjoying doing nothing. (well good luck with that, after like 37 sec they would come: „what can we doooooo????“ eeeh… how about letting me take a nap? (just kidding))






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