Sleep is totally overrated…

Who needs sleep anyway? You can sleep when you’re death!

.. that’s what Laura, Nathan and Lisa said, when they decided to take the car to see som river, lakes and falls… like… big falls. As in…Niagra Falls. Yes, as in Niagra Falls NEW YORK/CANADA? Yes. (somebody’s just mentioned brainstop? Yah, that’s what I said, too…)

So we packed our bags and a cooler (man, the only healthy thing this weekend I had was like some lettuce in a burger) and hit off to New York. After we picked up Laura, I realized I have had forgotten my passport so we had to go back. (When I got home the youngest girl started to scream: „LIIISA YOU’RE BACK I MISSED YOU! MOMMY, LOOK WHO’S BACK! PLEASE DON’T EVER EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!“ -I was gone for like 10 minutes, I love how she tends to exaggerate)

8 hours later (as in 4 am) we arrived in Canastota, a cute little town somewhere in New York, to spend the night in a friend’s house. And man, did I freeze this night. See, in Richmond it’s like Ryan Gosling, so I’m used to super hot and humid nights. Being up that north meant cold nights- which was super nice since I actually could sleep, even though I had to sleep in a sweater.

The next morning, after breakfast we hit the road and drove the last 3 hours to Niagra Falls.


It was beautiful. We walked around, took pictures and  did the maid of the Mists. It was amazing. Being so close to the waterfalls that we couldn’t see anything because if the mists and the only thing you could hear was the water. After that we spent some time to just stare at the falls and decided to walk over to Canada. Yes, walking. Over a bridge. (Did I mention that bridges freak me out?)
At the boarder we had to answer some weird questions (like: „did you come here by bus, yesterday?“ „no“ „But you already have a stamp in your passport that says Canada“ „yes, that’s from like 2 years ago“ „So you did arrive by bus yesterday? „NO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD I DID NOT COME HERE BY BUS“, finally got the stamp and could enter Canada)
And yes, the Canadian side of the Falls is indeed more impressive and beautiful. We hung out there for a couple of hours, just enjoying coffee, the view, the sun and the moment.
The weather was super nice: sunny and warm, but not hot. So- it was not Ryan Gosling, only  Channing Tatum. (which was also super nice) We also had dinner and some local beer.
First we wanted to stay until it got dark, because they light up the falls at night. But we got super tired (try driving for 8 hours, sleeping for 4 hours and then driving another 3 hours), so we decided to just hit the road.

And entering the US boarder was not as easy as entering the Canadian boarder. First, we had to pay toll, I mean, it’s like the don’t even want us to come back. Or the Canadian are like:
„hehe, if you don’t have cash, you’re just stuck here dargh!“
Anyways, the officer at the boarder control had this super mean face but you could tell he had a hard time not to laugh at us, especially since I got SUPER nervous. But made it back anyways.
So we drove back to the friends place, had some funny conversations, got some sleep, had some super yummy American (MERICA!) breakfast and hit the road.

back home the oldest was like: „thank god you didn’t get stuck in Canada!“

In total, we were on the road for like 25 hours, hung out at Niagra Falls for 4 hours, spent 2 of them in Canada, slept for 8 hours and ate a lot of crap. Well, that’s what a road trip is about.
I mean- you can be healthy during the week.
That’s how you get some stories to tell. And I’m gonna tell this story a lot of times. How I met these awesome people, made new friends in this small town in New York, saw some awesome falls and had some really good conversations and a really good time.
I live. feel. love.

(Oh and I also can check Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York of off my „State I’ve been to“ List)


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