we could be together baby, as long as skies are blue

or: oh New England, I fell in Love with thee…

I’ve never been to New England but always wanted to go there. I saw pictures of it and always was like: if I’d ever move to the US… I’d move into a small town somewhere in New England.

So 2 weeks ago I spent the weekend in Boston. Well, not only Boston.
Thursday morning Anja and I took the plane to Boston (oh my gosh, we had to get up at 4:30… NOT MY TIME! I am so not a before-9am-and-2-cups-of-coffee-kind of person, or to quote my neighbor: „Ich bin auf der bisserl späteren Seite von 7“- „I am more on the other side of 7“).
There we met Valentin to spent the day in this beautiful city. I fell directly in love with it. It reminded me so much of my own true love, Gothenborg. We walked and walked and walked.
Sitting around in the park, drinking coffee, shopping, taking pictures… It was awesome. Now I know, why so many people LOVE Boston. It’s like… you don’t have a chance, you’ll just fall in love with it.
The night was… well… let’s just not talk about it, I didn’t sleep at all and I don’t wanna think about it!
Saturday morning we rented a car to drive to Maine. Yes. The state Maine. As in 6 hours ride? yaap.
We took the coastal route- it was beautiful, seeing all this sweet little towns, the coast…
We had our first coffee-and-breakfast-break in a small town called Portland and also stopped in Cape Elizabeth to see the lighthouse.
In Bar Harbor we stopped for lunch (lobsters and shrimps yuuummm)… the whole time I felt like I was in Sweden- the landscape, the coast, the buildings and most important- the air. Even though it was sunny and hot- the air was fresh. loved it. And not to mention the smell of the coast. baby, I’m home.
After endless driving we reached our destination: Acadia International Park, were we spent a couple of hours. beautiful.
In the evening we drove back toward Boston, super excited and super tired, filled with joy and a kazillion pictures.

Sunday morning I had to fly back to Richmond since I had an Aupair meeting.
And guys, I just loved the flight attendant- see, I’m super afraid of flying and everyone who already had the chance to fly with me knows that (I’m talking about stopping infront of the airplane, not willing to move on and having 2 flight attendants and my daddy carry me into the plane while I was hyperventilating and crying), so here I was sitting in this super tiny airplane trying to not lose my mind… and then I heard the flight attendant singing (I’m so not kidding) „Welcome on board on our flight toward…. oh ya, right, we’re flying to Richmond! Just lean back and ENJOY… just do nothing and reaaaaalx… until we reached our final destination or ran out of food and corny jokes!“ as soon as we landed he was like: „please remain seated with your seatbelts on until we reached our final parking position or we ran out of gas. If you forgot any personal items please check the lost and found corner or just wait a couple of weeks and check out my ebayaccount“
I laughed like all the time.

so, and here are some pics…

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

thanks again Anja and Valentin for the amazing pics. SWEET


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