back in da hood

it’s time to go home. Home as in Richmond.

This time, the trip wasn’t as bad as my trip back to Austria, but still… well… here’s the short story:

  • couldn’t do the online check in
  • had to be at the airport by 5:30
  • had to get up by 4:30 (after a nice evening out with my sisters and my brother in law and my friend and a few coctails)
  • left the house by 5:00
  • checked in, said good bye and made it through security check
  • had to wait forever for my plane
  • landed in London
  • wasn’t allowed to go to the transferthingy, since I didn’t have any confirmation for my flight (and in Vienna they said I just had to go to the infodesk to get my boarding pass), so made a little drama (as in: DAS BRINGT MICH VOELLIG ZUR WEISGLUT!!!!!), finally got through, another security check, had to answer a kazillion question about my trip and whether I packed my suitcase myself or not (no, my mommy did)
  • another security check
  • flight was delayed
  • like 1 hr
  • gotsomesleep
  • landed in DC 1 hr late
  • took me forever through immigration thingy
  • even more to get my suitcase
  • and even longer through another security check (no wonder had like 3 bottles of wine with me)
  • had to find the shuttle service
  • took us 2(!!) hrs to get to Union Station
  • missed my train
  • almost missed the other one too
  • got to Richmond (planned to be back around 7, was home around 10)
  • fell directly asleep

the next day, the kids were sooo happy to see me again: „I missed you sooo soo soo much, you can’t even imagine how much!!“ „today is a special day, since you’re back, so we can do whatever you want!“ And the baby just stared at me all the time and touched me as if he couldn’t believe I was back.

Now I just have to get over jetlag. It’s not that bad, but still, pretty tired.



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