Dahoam is dahoam


one of my best friends got married this weekend, so my dear beloved hostfamily decided, they want me to join it  (is there an academy award for best hostfamily? well… now there is haha)

anyways, a week back home sounds super nice, and means in reality:

  • way too much wine (oh my word, I missed the good austrian wine and beer)
  • hanging out with my bestesses
  • chilling at the lake and swimming
  • watching old disney movies with my sisters (and also singing haha hello neighbors, y’all happy I’m back in da hood???)
  • having troubles driving the car (no wonders after 5 months automatic car on big roads…)
  • having fun conversations at the grocerystore (try ordering something in English in my hometown)
  • having this weird american attitude, as in: saying ‚OH MY GOSH‘ in every other sentence
  • fighting over little things, as always
  • WALKING and RIDING the bike
  • breakfast
  • BREAD, newspaper, vegetables from the backyard
  • driving 4 hours to Salzburg to join the wedding
  • way too much food
  • talking, talking, talking and also praying with my bff’s
  • being homesick. As in ‚I miss my hostfamily and Richmond‘
  • realizing how lucky I am being part of this awesome family, seriously guys, I love LOVE love my family. And being away for such a long time makes me realize that even more. They are the best. even though we fight, we yell, we’re super loud (anyone just mentioned attention deficit? well that’s exactly what we suffer from, or at least we THINK we don’t get enough attention. that’s why we have to be louder than everybody else), we eat ALL the time, we are super nosy, we don’t get it when the other one needs privacy and quiet time (we just don’t), we have to know everything (and I mean everything), we… but still… that’s how we are and yes it’s annoying, but… that’s US. and I LOVE US.


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