worst trip ever

my trip back home was the worst trip in my entire life.
I mean, I had some really bad trips, but this one… the most awful trip EVER.

It started with the ride to the airport. My flight was at 5:50 pm, so I had to be at the airport by 3 pm. And since I am a super nervous girl as soon as it comes to flying, I wanted to be there super early, that’s why we decided to leave by 11:30 am. Usually it takes you about 2 hours to get to the airport, so we had plenty of time, in case something happens. And it did.

Instead of leaving 11:30, we left 12.15 (no worries, still plenty of time…)

And then there was construction work and EVERYONE was driving north this day. (no worries, still plenty of time…)

And we got pulled over by the police. (no worries, still plenty of time… by this time I already took some chillpill)

And there was a lot of traffic. (another chillpill…)

3,5 hrs later (as in 3:30 pm) and a lot of chillpills later we got to the airport. Little nervous, but: hey, I already checked in, so no worries, only gonna check in my luggage. Which took me like 2 hour. BUT still, plenty of time, i have to be at the Gate by 5 something, so.. be calm.

And then I had to go through security check in… long story short, I got to the gate by 5:10, boarding started 5:15 (and in the meantime I managed to lose my contacts… but I did find it again.. but another annoying thing)

Anyways, finally got to my seat and we were ready to take off.

WORST FLIGHT EVER (at this point I didn’t know about the flight London-Vienna,…so… second worst flight) The ‚fasten your seatbelt‘ sign were on almost the entire flight, 2 times it got so bad, that the flight attendants had to sit down and were like: ‚everyone sit down now!’…
so I spent 5,5 out of 6,5 hours crying and just wanting to be back to the ground… I slept for like 30 minutes and as soon as I got super tired and wanted to really fall asleep… we landed in London.

In London I had some coffee and tried to sleep, after 3 hours I could go to my gate and there… I got sooo sick and almost fainted (lack of sleep, dehydration, excitement…) so the flight attendant gave me some medication and I spent the entire flight sitting there with the sick bag… and of course we had troubles. so… fasten your seatbelt sign again ALL THE TIME.

FINALLY we landed in Vienna and from that moment on I couldn’t wait anymore, it took me 10 minutes from the moment we touched the ground to the arrival lounge…
The Passcontroll was interesting, too… see, in the US everyone is like: ‚hi, how are you?’… not in Vienna.
So i got to the counter, gave my passport to the officer and said: ‚Hi, how are you?’… and he just gave me this grumpy face and I was like: ‚yaa… haha…. well…‘

And getting my luggage is even more exciting than flying, since I’m always nervous whether they lost it or not… finger crossed they didn’t…

And the second I saw my mom, my sister and my grandma I just started to cry!
I hadn’t slept in 25 hours, hadn’t had anything to eat but some sandwich and apple sauce and was over excited to see them.

Until then I hadn’t realized how much I actually missed them… I mean, I’m not homesick at all or anything like that, but the second I hugged my mom, it made me realize how important she is to me…

At home I met my grandpa and we had ‚Sauerkraut mit Knödel‘. BEST MEAL EVER.

I was so super tired, so I decided to take a shower and take a nap… and then, surprise! my marypoppinsfamily showed up, and man did the mom and I cry for joy! So hung out with them, then my Nina came and we talked and talked and talked and then Rebekka showed up too…

Around 9:30 I started to watch a movie with my family, still super tired, but for me it was only 3:30 pm, but I was so tired (again: up for over 24 hours)… so I just passed out. And then I woke up at 4, which was 10 pm my time… so now I’m awake, still a little tired, but: hey, only 10 and I never go to bed before 12… so tomorrow will be interesting haha

So even though it was the worst trip in my entire life and I was super nervous about seeing my people after 5 months again and I have troubles speaking German… I really enjoy being home…:-)


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