music, baby, music

You know how a certain song reminds you of something? How that special tune takes you back to that one moment?

I love music. and I have special songs for special occasions. I have some songs who remind me of special things. Like, my first crush, my first heartbreak, that time we danced until 6 am, that one summer…

so here’s a list of some special songs… songs, who, whenever I hear them, make me think of something special.


  • Allstar– my first crush sent me this song via MSN. so, when ever I hear that song I have to think about how easy everything used to be back then. well, actually, everything was drama, baby, drama, we spent hours outside the club discussing whether he looked at me or not… but we didn’t care… cos: I said yep, what a concept!
  • save tonight – summer 2010, Stockholm, the princesses wedding, after party, Anna and Lisa, and ever since then, it’s our songs (one of our gazillions)… girl you know, I got to go… Lord I wish it wasn’t so…
  • work hard, play hard… well exactly what we did in summer 2013… work all day, party all night. and work the next day. Maggan and Lisa in Sweden, what else is there to say?
  • Summer– whenever I hear that song it makes me think of the awesome road trip Anja, Valentin and I did… Boston-Maine-Boston in one day… awesome.
  • Sommartider– When you hear „Swedish summer“ what do you think of? I think of rain, wind, the harbor, the great time Theresa, Ela, Nina, Anna and I had.  „Und wir mitten drin“ sommartider, hey hey, sommar tider…
  • heartbeats– gothenborg 2009. awesome. the Lisa-Sweden Lovestory started here.
  • Idas sommarvisa– dancing around the midsummer tree in the rain. Because it’s (almost) always raining on midsummer in Sweden. And because we didn’t care.
  • I can only imagine– my big sisters favorite song (or one of her favorite songs) whenever I hear that I have to think of her.
  • holding out for a hero– cooking with my mum. Love it.
  • everything from Santana- my dad sitting in the living room with the earphones, because no one else wanted to listen to it. Santana was the first concert I’ve ever been to. My dad took us to every concert in Vienna or near Vienna.
  • and last but not least: griechischer Wein‘ all the Weinfeste, Feuerwehrfeste, Gasslfeste, I’ve been to… and of course all the winsessions with my 2 Grazien.
  • and omg my best friend is sooo right: I totally forgot about that one!!! RELAAAAAAAX!!!(I was busy washing Ramone’s coconutbodyoil off… hehehe) it’s (one of) our favorite movie… all time favorite movie! The first time I saw this movie was in the small town we went for summer vacay that summer, it’was this super tiny movie theatre, and then a couple of weeks later Rebekka and I went to the English movie theatre in Vienna to see it again. It was the summer, when she and I became best friends, the summer after graduation, the summer everything was so easy, because we didn’t care… because: relax! go do it!
    I could watch the movie over and over and over again and would still be laughing tears… erre a eme o ene e… looove it!!! (and we could do the dance moves over and over and over again and would still be laughing!)
  • and… OF COURSE! THE London Song, Posing in front of every house, tree, whatsoever and singing: PRIVATE DANCAAAAA




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