here’s what we did last night

Yesterday I had my sweet friends coming over for some wine&cheese.

I still had a bottle of white wine I bought on my trip back home, so we decided to open it together with cheese and grapes. very fancy.

Okay, actually, we had chips, cheese salsa, cherries and chocolate.

BUT… there’s cheese in the salsa, so… yes, it was wine and cheese. sort of.

And we had a great time…

We talked and talked and talked (yes, about girls stuff and no, not gonna tell what exactly we talked about, but yes, we talked about guys, too- seriously,  it was a girls night out, of course we did talk about guys,… BUT… I could show you how it could have been like…)

We took goofy pictures. seriously, I laughed so hard, I even cried (and no, I’m not gonna show those pics. like, ever)

We made plans about me staying here forever and how awesome it would be if we all could live in one house together.

And I realized, how lucky I am to have such great friends here. It took some time for me, cos I’m super shy and it takes me a lot to actually ask people if they wanna hang out with me, but finally it „clicked“ and now I have these awesome friends. And it makes everything so much easier. Yes, I do miss my friends back home. A lot. I do miss hanging out with them, talking with them, spending time with them, praying with them, being with them.

But… I found my group here. I like my group. We are awesome. And I hope, this friendship will last forever. (it has too, after all, we already pictured our playdates together) And we have so much we wanna do together. Like apple picking, camping, dinner parties,…


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