Where Is My Sister?*


If i had Instagram, I would totally hashtag!

#wheredidmysistergo #whereismysister


#annalisatakeus #annalisaunited #sistersunited #sisterhood #wegotogether #bestsisterintown



#randomcometogetherinthecapitaloftheusa #randomhangout #kopfstandvormcapitol


but… since I don’t have Instagram… I’ll just show you the pics:-)


My friend (ok, she’s my mums friend, and my sisters godmother, but also my friend… anyways…) is a flightattendant and that gave my little sister the opportunity to come to DC and hang out there for a day and I got the day off to drive up to the beautiful capital of the beautiful US to meet her.

OH MY GOSH was I excited… I was like „my sister is coming my sister is coming mysisteriscomingmysissteriscomingsisteriscomingiscomingcoming“ ALL THE TIME (now, ask my friends how that one felt like… having me jumping up and down all the time, hyperventilating, laughing, giggling, with sparkling eyes, texting everyone „only 24/23/22…. hours left until I SEE MY SISTER!!!!!!“)

so, wednesday I left right after work („bye, bye Coincidence**, i love you, i’m gonna miss you, are you coming back?“), hit the road and off to DC I went…

got to the Hotel, drove aroundandaroundandaround, found a parking spot, ran to the lobby, called their room… no one their, waited outside… and then I saw her!!!! Beautiful as always, shorter hair than the last time I saw her, her eyes sparkling of excitment, oh and of course did we cry!!!

and did we have a good time! We went out for dinner to this nice little bistro in Georgetown (o-m-g I LOVE Georgetown! I wanna move there!!!), walked along the Potomacriver, had good conversations about what we wanna be when we grow up (which is, btw, in like 15 years…) … their suggestion for me was: English teacher in the US.

Because they were super tired (no wonder, 9:30 hrs flight, jetlag, excitment, sightseeing in DC and then listening to my german-english-mix (go over dort und get a map, ich got stuck im Stau und hab meine exit vermisst), so we headed back to the hotel, got some sleep. Today, we had really good breakfast at the hotel and went to Georgetown to walk around, do some shopping, see the Old Stone House, the University of Georgetown (and yes, I did pretend I was a student there, too and one guy totally believed me), had ice cream at the river, some Starbucks (of course) and then sadly we had to go back to the Hotel since they had to leave.

Saying goodbye was so hard, I cried, she cried, our friend was like: well, we see each other next week (I MIGHT go up to NYC to meet her, since she’s flying to NYC) and then my baby sister left.

Seeing her leaving was… weird…  The whole time was… „surreal, but nice“ (a quote from the movie „Nothinghill“) And now she’s going back to her life in Austria, I continue (or at least I am trying to) my life here. I love her so much, and when she was visiting me in Sweden, during my Aupairtime, saying goodbye to her was soooooo sososososo hard, even though I knew, I only had like 3 more weeks to go… this time… sure, I’m sad, and when we were lying in one bed, I wanted to cry, because it’s heartbreaking, knowing, she’s sooo far away and she’s only here for a couple of hours and I don’t know, when I’m gonna see her the next time. My heart belongs home, yes, it does… but at the same time… I left my heart here, too. i love living here (besides some of ‚i dont like that at all‘ and misunderstandings and miswhatsoever)… it’s hard, reading the letter my mum gave her, I cried, it’s hard, hearing them tell you about how they hung out with granny that weekend, cos.. that’s what I wanna do, too… But… I wanna be here, too.

Anyways, just got really emotionally.

Yes, we had a good time.

Yes, we had fun, way too much food and no, we didn’t take a lot of pictures. We were busy enyoing life together. But nevertheless, here are some pictures we took.

miss annabanana, thanks for coming over, I would have loved to show you more, but I enjoyed EVERY MOMENT.

take care

(while I was sitting in the mall, waiting for a friend and writing this, they played that song on the radio… so here’s to you kid, ‚cause you know I’d fly a thousand miles, if I could just see you, tonight!)







* there’s a booked called „Where is my sister“ by the Swedish author Sven Nordqvist, where a little boy goes to look for his sister and finds her in a secret place

** we’re gonna host a murdermysteryparty and I tried my costum on and since my role is ‚duchess Gwendolyn‘ I told the kids to call me so, which the middle couldn’t really pronounce, so instead of she just said „Coinsidence“



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