Alltagswahnsinn. (every day madness)

The baby is still asleep, when I start this morning, the girls have already left for Kindergarten. So I make myself a cup of tea (ever since Bobby served me Roiboos tea with honey and coconut creamer I am addicted! thanks Bobby!). I think about taking a short nap, but then I hear the baby cry, so I go upstairs to take him out of the bed and dress him. He is in a good mood and talks and giggles and laughs about everything.  until we come downstairs. Now he wants „O ju“ (Orange juice) and of course he spills it and gets upsets. Meanwhile I try to make waffles for us. We have tea (I) and milk (he) and waffles and apples (and „a sau“ as in apple sauce).

After breakfast we go upstairs, he plays and I knit. Soon he gets bored so we decide to go grocery shopping and to run some errands.

In the store he helps me, by taking everything out of the basket. At home  I prepare a little lunch and we take the stroller to pick up the girl. We decide to have a lunch picknick, which is really nice. The sun shines and we have fun, she tells me stories about how she’s gonna decorate for halloween, the baby shares his grapes with me and I enjoy being outside.

At home I try to put the baby down for a nap… ya, not really what he wants, so we go outside to play in the backyard.

After picking up the oldest kid from school, they watch a little TV and then we go outside again. After spending  2 hours outside, we go inside and bake appelstrudel. And then Mary-Time is over and Mommy-Time starts.

My favorite for today:

  • being outside on this beautiful fall day, seriously, how can it be sooo amazing outside!!!
  • „komm Isa, komm“
  • „okey, alright“
  • baking Apfelstrudel… aaaa delicious!!!
  • fun texting with my friends

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