how to get a guy to ask you out

by my oldest one.

she: ‚I’ve been thinking.  i know how you get a guy to ask you out‘

me: ‚aha?‘

she: ‚just invite him over here, dress up fancy and play some nice music and mention, that you would like to pretend you’re at a ball, then he will say : I have a better idea! we should go to a real ball…‘

me: ‚well,… you know, it’s not that easy… and also, who should I invite?  the guy I wanted to ask me out for the ball, doesn’t like me anymore.‘

she: ‚how do you kow?‘

me: ‚he sort of said that‘

she: ‚THAT IS SO RUDE!!!!! how could he? i cannot believe that! You should ask someone else!!!!‘

me: ‚….‘




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