drip drip drop

Drip, drip drop, when the sky is cloudy, your pretty music can brighten the day

(little april shower, from the movie Bambi)

today’s all grey and rainy and foggy, perfect „stay at home and eat lots of chocolate pudding“ weather!

here’s whatelse we do on days like these

  • make chocolatepudding and eat it infront of the TV
  • drink hot chocolate with marshmellows
  • coloring
  • watch old movies, here are my favorites: Bambi, Beauty and the biest, The little Mermaid,
  • snuggle up
  • laundry, well someone has to do it
  • eat waffles… jumm jumm jumm
  • read all the books
  • go for a walk and jump in every single puddle
  • be nice to each other
  • watch this clip over and over until we know the words:



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